“A student interpreter who has been working with me all year and who will be graduating from the program here next week. She will be moving back to the NYC/LI area and looking for work. I told her that yours was the agency in NYC that we trusted the most and that she should get in touch with you. I am sure you will find her to be very qualified. Let me know if I can provide any further information.”

–Christopher D Felo, NTID Dept of Access Services

“By the way, it is always a pleasure working with DHIS.  Things happen that can’t be controlled but there usually is a solution and you and your staff are always very helpful in meeting our requirements.”

–Louis Panico, Citigroup


“My board members loved the interpreters that were here last night, so thank you very much, and my bosses tell me that I should keep your interpreters, so it’s a good thing we have been doing that for quite some time now!  Anyway, thanks for having a good staff, and I thought you’d want to hear some positive feedback!”

–Alexander Wood, Executive Director, Disabilities Network of New York City


“We have used the services of your company on many occasions in the past and found your network of interpreters to be excellent!”

–Karen Doherty, Director of Personnel Services, New York Marriot Marquis


“DHIS provides excellent interpreting services for Hunter College’s deaf students.  Our experience with DHIS has been professional, reliable and efficient.”

–Donna Guptill, Program Coordinator for Deaf/Hard of Hearing at Hunter College


“DHIS has been an resource for my school SLC (Sign Language Center).  DeafNYC News covers nearly the whole Metropolitan area.  DeafNYC News also applies to others “Deaf Owned/operated” events/businesses.  With my finding, I never miss a day reading it.  DHIS is known to be the BEST interpreter referral services in New York City.  I have known Joshua Finkle for a number of years and he is one ambitious gentlemen.  Without any doubt, DHIS will stay strong for many years to come.”

–Alan Roth, President of SLC


“DHIS has a special knack for matching the right interpreters with clients to facilate communication.  DHIS maintains the highest of ethics in their dedicated work with interpreters and clients, I highly recommend Joshua Finkle (President) and DHIS for your serious consideration.”

–Judith K. Lauterstein Ph.D Jacob Perlow Hospice Deaf Services Program at Beth Israel Hospital


“It has been a wonderful experience working with your organization and the Mayor’s Office to provide an array of services to the Deaf Mexican people being housed at the Westway Hotel.  It is an example of what organizations can do together, even for the most needy in an extreme situation.”

–Nancy Carr, former Executive Director, Lexington Vocational Services Center, Inc.


“Joshua, I want to thank you very much for arranging the interpreter for our event on such a short notice.  Our interpreter was also wonderful and our staff appreciates her expertise.”

–Kathy Vesey, Gallaudet University


“Thank you for being a true hero and finding talented interpreters at the last minute!”

–Stephen J. Hopson, Satisfied private client