Remote CART

Remote Communication Access Real-time Translation (or Remote CART) is widely used in a variety of situations where participants can have equal access to information through text. The end result looks like the familiar captioning found on virtually all TV programming in the United States. Since knowledge of sign language is not required, Remote CART is a popular service for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.

Here is how Remote CART works in an university setting.

The classroom instructor or lecturer speaks normally into a lapel microphone (or an extra-sensitive microphone installed in the classroom). The microphone is connected to a telephone line that transmits the lecture to our remote transcription center.

A qualified transcriber at our center uses speech recognition technology to create a fast and accurate transcription of the lecture. The student receives the transcription’s captions in realtime via a notebook computer connected to the internet. The student can also scroll through text of earlier parts of the lecture while continuing to receive new text in realtime.

Our product does not simply provide student(s) with Remote Transcription Services(RTS) of a lecture. It includes the following additional features that greatly enhance its utility as a learning tool:

  • The texts of a lecture and faculty/student interaction are retained on the website for later review at the student’s own convenience.

  • Edited transcripts of each class session will be available within 24 hours on the website.

  • The system includes a Text-to-Speech feature that allows deaf students to participate in question and answer sessions, as well as class discussion.

  • The system includes Text Summarization technology that allows a student to select a desired length summary that distills the most important information conveyed by the lecturer. Such summaries can be retained on the student’s computer to provide context or background for future lectures and/or to facilitate review of course content in preparing for exams.

  • The system also allows students to type in and save their own notes related to the lecture.